The Difference Between G8 Insoles and other Insoles?

Last updated on March 28, 2024 by David Lee
Last updated on March 28, 2024 by David Lee

We have received a plethora of emails lately on how G8 insoles differ from other insoles or orthotics that are currently available on the market.

So here is a quick run down.

We’re a big believer in encouraging natural foot bio-mechanics.

How the Foot Moves

When walking the foot is designed to go through the following gait phases:

Heel strike > Early flat foot > Late flat foot (early heel rise) > Toe off > Swing phase

When running or jumping the heel strike is generally eliminated due to the heel’s inability to absorb any force without considerable pain.

Try jumping on a hard surface from a standing start as high and far as you can with no shoes on.

The body will naturally take the majority of force on the forefoot.

Shoes unfortunately have a tendency to take away our foot’s naturally ability to move and displace force.

Restrictive toe boxes, high heels (even in running shoes) and excessive cushioning have over time changed the way we move.

The forefoot is designed to flex and splay on impact.

When running barefoot on a hard surface it is nearly impossible to heel strike because of the associated pain and damage that would cause.

Our natural running gait is predominantly a forefoot strike to allow the forefoot to flex and disperse the force prior to the remainder of the body doing their part.

Watch the average 8 year old run without shoes.

There is practically no heel striking and they look effortless.

What’s on the Market

The invention of modern day running shoes in the 1970’s and the associated cushioning has removed the need to run naturally.

Modern shoes are becoming tighter around the toe box and the buzz words are support, cushioning and motion control.

Currently off-the-shelf insoles are designed to provide cushioning and ‘squishiness’ to help with pain.

We look at this as a ‘band-aid approach’; attempting to alleviate the symptoms without addressing the underlying problem.

Orthotics are at the other end of the spectrum, designed to eliminate foot movement entirely.

This is the position where our lower limb is in the ‘optimal’ position.

I for one can’t walk let alone run in this position.

By fixing the foot in this position and eliminating the foots natural method of displacing force not only upsets the entire gait cycle but also effects every other process further up the body as other parts have to compensate.

What Makes G8 insoles Different 

In essence the Pro Series G8’s encourage forefoot flex.

They are designed to help the foot perform as close to barefoot while being in a shoe.

Our aim is to encourage the natural movements of the forefoot within the shoe with the goal of displacing force and energy more evenly and efficiently.

By encouraging natural movement of the foot, we help the rest of the body move the way it should, reducing the chance of injury and helping increase your athletic performance.

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