2620 Fitting Guide

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Congratulations on purchasing your G8 Performance Pro Series 2620's. Myself and the G8 Team would like to extend you a warm welcome to the G8 family!

~ David Lee, founder, G8 Performance

IMPORTANT: Trim only the toe area - no lower. i.e. Do not trim the sides of your 2620s. [🎥 View a detailed Trimming 2620s video below.]

The Concept

  • Our feet are biomechanically designed to be free and move dynamically – the opposite of being constricted inside a rigid shoe.

  • G8 2620's allow your foot to move as if it was bare and free while you’re wearing your shoes. While many insoles and orthotics on the market restrict foot movement, we encourage it!

  • 2620s are specially designed to strengthen your foot muscles.

  • Stronger feet mean increased blood flow, more power, better balance and better overall long term health.

2620’s are not designed to be a ‘quick fix’. Instead, they are designed to increase foot strength and health in the long term. This said; many people do experience immediate relief and benefits.

Adjust As Your Feet Strengthen

2620’s are fully customisable. They can be quickly and easily adjusted as your feet strengthen. Many 2620 users report increased performance and endurance over time.

Why there are so many arch pieces in the box:
Step 1.

Trimming Your 2620's To Size

IMPORTANT: Do not trim below i.e. any lower than the guide marks on your 2620.

A) Remove the current insole/insert from your shoe.

B) Using your old shoe insert as a template, lay your old left insole over your new left 2620.

C) Starting at the top (i.e. the toe area - no lower), carefully trim your left 2620 to size using large, sharp scissors exactly matching the shape of the toe area of your old insole.

D) Now, repeat the steps with the other insole.

Don’t worry if you feel the insole is too wide - it can flex to curve snugly up the side of your shoe and this won’t affect the insole’s performance at all.
Step 2.

Attaching Your Arch Pieces

Be sure to see the 2 accompanying videos below as well. 📺

This step includes a little calibration exercise to help you figure out what’s most comfortable for you:

A) Attach the L1 arch piece (L = left) to the left foot insole all the way forward (in this position there will be two rows of holes not attached to the pegs, and the arch piece will line up with the curved ridge of the insole).

B) Attach the R1 arch piece to the right foot insole 1-2 rows back from the most forward position...

C) Place the 2620s into your shoes.

D) Walk around for 1 minute.

E) Decide which foot feels best - you should be able to feel the arch piece is there, but it shouldn’t feel intrusive.

F) Now adjust the other foot’s arch piece to match.

G) Once you think you are all set up, take one of the 2620's out and put your original insole back in. Walk around like this for around 30 secs to 1 minute. This will reset the central nervous system and help your feet accept future adjustments. Then, put your 2620 back in.

Your feet are individuals, just like you! It’s okay to have them feeling happy at slightly different positions. See what works for you.
Okay now what...

You’ve started with the lowest arch pieces that are comfortable for you.

You’ll be ready for your first adjustment around the 6-8 week mark.

This video explains how to know when the time is right:

How to know when to adjust the arch pieces:
Once you’ve used all of the forward positions in the level 1 arches, it’s time to select a higher arch piece...

This time, you’ll start midway on the pegs so your feet can get used to the change, then progressively move the arch piece forward as your feet strengthen.

This video will help you with your first adjustment:

And here's an example of an adjustment where the two feet (left and right) were set up differently to each other to accomodate to the individual needs of each foot:
When do I stop? What’s the right height for me?

The highest arch you use will be governed by your individual foot structure and anatomy, so don't be afraid to experiment!

If you’re flat footed, you might stay on Level 1 (L1 and R1) or progress to Level 2 (L2 and R2).

If you have a naturally high arch, you may start on Level 2 (L2 and R2) and progress up to Levels  3, 4 or 5.

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