I Have Pain / An Injury

Amy is a Barista and is on her feet all day.

The floor at her workplace is concrete and by the end of each day, she was miserable and sore. Flats, boots, sneakers… it made no difference.

Amy tried the G8 Performance Ignite Heat Mouldable orthotic insoles.

The result:

Amy says she has “…a fresh vigour and energy for work… and same after work… because my feet don’t hurt!”

Amy’s secret – The Ignite Heat Mouldable orthotic insoles.

Heated with a hair dryer and moulded to a non-weight bearing foot (this part is extremely important), the Ignite is completely customized. The Ignites flex enough to allow natural foot movement within the shoe while still providing enough support.

The secret – the Ignite orthotic insole encourages the foot to flex as nature intended which provides both comfort and support without squishy gels which provide temporary relief at best.

We like to compare it to a bed of feathery pillows. Looks comfy but after a night sleeping on it you want that mattress which provides some flex to accommodate the intricate array of bones and nerve endings that incorporate your back.

Pain Relief

The Ignites were designed as a supplementary product to the 2620’s.

The Ignites flex but not to the same degree as the flexible arch piece system. I recommend wearing the Ignites in your non-sport shoes for their supportive function which helps relax the feet.

I wear my Ignites in my everyday shoes and reserve the 2620’s for my athletic specific shoes. For severe pain or foot injury, the Ignites help with the recovery process by allowing full support but still encouraging normal foot function.

As the foot progresses in it’s healing the Ignites can be re-moulded to accommodate any foot changes.

Injury Prevention

The majority of foot injuries are the result of weakened foot muscles.

Common symptoms such as heel pain, arch pain and foot numbness are predominantly caused by bones out of alignment and/or muscle strain.

By passively exercising the feet G8’s help to minimise foot muscle atrophy.

Having strong healthy feet increases their effectiveness to expel force thus relieving other parts of the body having to take up the slack.

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