Soccer / Football

I wear the 2620s when I play for my local team to keep my feet strong and flexible and eliminate foot pain and toe numbness.

Nearly every footballer I know has foot issues. From severe plantar fasciitis (usually heel pain) to just generally sore and beat up feet. The 2620 orthotic insoles alleviate these issues as well as prevent future issues by passively exercising the feet.

Boots are damaging to the feet because they do not let the foot to do its job which is to flex and splay and expel all that force you are exerting on it.

My aim is to get your foot to move inside the boot in the most biomechanically correct and efficient way possible.

How G8 Insoles Can Benefit Your Soccer / Football

  • Increased force transferal (more forward momentum)
  • Increased foot strength
  • Reduced torque on calf and Achilles (you know you have calf cramps no matter how much magnesium you take)
  • Increased blood flow (has cooling effect)
  • Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness
Side note – Did you know a large portion of a vertical jump comes from the feet? But only if the feet are strong and flexible.

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