Tennis and the Benefits of 2620 Performance Insoles

There’s no way around it. Tennis is hard on feet.

With all the jumping, pivoting, lunging, bursts of power and sudden braking performed on a hard court surface, it’s no wonder lower limb injuries are a real match-stopper. In all sports, but particularly in tennis.

Feet absorb the bulk of this ‘collision force’, which over time damages nerve endings, reduces blood flow and ultimately weakens muscle.
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Tennis players are especially prone to lower-limb injuries such as:

  • Patella tendonitis (jumper’s knee)

  • Tennis leg (partial calf tear or rupture)

  • Ankle issues

  • Plantar fascia rupture

  • Achilles tendon damage

  • Ankle injuries

  • Lower leg and knee damage

And so, it is vital to strengthen your feet to prevent lower limb injury. 

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From injury prevention to performance…

Leonardo da Vinci said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

When we study the engineering of the foot, we discover that it’s designed to move dynamically. But – even the best tennis shoes by omissions in their design will over time, inhibit the foot’s natural movement.

This inhibition goes on to cause muscles to shrink, natural gait to change, and other parts of the body to unnaturally accommodate the force on your feet. 

2620’s inside your Tennis shoes encourage the foot’s natural movement – that is, the amazing feat of engineering our bodies were born with – and help prevent common tennis injuries by strengthening the feet.

Strong feet possess more power to propel you to meet the ball, endurance to carry you throughout the match, and greater accuracy of placement to ensure you’re on target.

#FACT: Did you know the front third of the foot (nearest the toes) has the greatest blood supply and the largest number of nerve endings?

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Stronger feet equal...

  • Increased force transfer, which means greater forward momentum and less pressure on lower limbs

  • Better biomechanics and a positive effect on ankles, knees, hips and back

  • Better balance and brain-foot connection (proprioception), meaning your feet respond quickly and more accurately to your brain’s placement signals

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Tennis performance and injury prevention are implicitly tied to foot health and strength…

G8 Performance 2620 insoles are specially designed to strengthen your feet by mimicking the dynamic function of bare feet even whilst you are wearing tennis shoes.

Unlike other insole products on the market, 2620’s aren’t a ‘quick fix’. Instead, they are designed to increase foot strength and health in the long term. And because 2620’s are fully customizable, they can be quickly and easily adjusted as your feet strengthen. Many 2620 users report increased performance and endurance over time.

2620’s actively exercise and strengthen the forefoot by assisting flex at the forefoot for maximum energy disbursement on impact. This allows the foot to efficiently expel energy.

Other full-foot benefits include: 

  • Supporting the foot throughout the entire gait cycle

  • Enhancing stretch and strength within the foot

  • Maintaining bone structure

  • Facilitating a more natural way of moving.

As more and more tennis players adopt the 2620s, we continue to hear how players at all levels are experiencing what we now know as improvements in biomechanical symmetry, and power output as the feet continue to become stronger and more efficient. 

In summary...

Summary of 2620 Benefits To Your Tennis and Movement Generally

Increased force transferal (more forward momentum)
Increased foot strength
Reduced torque on calf and Achilles
(you know you have calf cramps no matter how much magnesium you take)
Increased blood flow (has cooling effect)
Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness
Side note – Did you know a large portion of a vertical jump comes from the feet? But only if the feet are strong and flexible.

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