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G8 Performance Ignite – Custom Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles


G8 Performance IGNITE are the ultimate heat-mouldable orthotic insole product.

Simple to heat with a hairdryer, these insoles are comfortable and offer a high level of support.

These insoles feature a cushioned heel pad, a flexible forefoot, and the base is easily heat mouldable. They are fully customisable for individual feet and they can be heated and remoulded multiple times without compromising their integrity or functionality.

This moldable insole is ideal for those on their feet all day, as well as active kids and adolescents with growing feet.

It is also a valuable investment as a precursor to the 2600 PRO SERIES for those with inflexible feet, plantar fasciitis, collapsed arches, and other injuries.

Key Features

  • Enhanced forefoot flex for comfort
  • Perfectly customised fit
  • Unparalleled support
  • Adaptability
  • Machine washable
  • Lifespan 9-12 months

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Improve Your Foot Health with Moldable Orthotic Insoles

Are you experiencing discomfort and pain after long periods of time on your feet? Then you could benefit from a pair of G8 Performance heat mouldable insoles. We supply custom moldable orthotic insoles that are designed specifically to meet your requirements, promoting good foot health and providing relief.

With over 10 years in the orthotic industry, we provide moldable orthotic insoles that address the core problem, rather than providing a masked and temporary solution. Offering personalised service, our insoles are moldable to cater to your needs, enabling you to enjoy maximum comfort and flexibility.

Benefits of Wearing Heat Moldable Orthotic Inserts

The secret to comfort and good foot health is to ensure that your posture is optimised. For the most part, correcting your posture requires only minor adjustments such as some additional support and heat moldable orthotic insoles are a fantastic way to achieve this.

They provide:

Foot Arch Support

Especially useful for those with flat feet or ‘fallen arches’, the additional support provided by moldable orthotics bring them to the optimum level. Not only do inserts provide immediate support to the arches but they also encourage proper movement and enhance the strength of your foot.

Relief from Pain

With incorrect posture and unsupported feet, pain can arise in areas such as the foot, knee, hip and lower back. This is due to your body trying to compensate for an improper foot movement. Correcting the positioning of your feet means that your posture is optimised, and this reduces pain and discomfort.

Improvements in Performance

When you have a foot condition such as flat feet, you are often at higher risk of developing an injury during exercise if your feet are not adequately supported. Using an insole when exercising distributes pressure evenly throughout the foot, enabling better performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Reduced Risk of Foot Conditions

Unhealthy foot movement can often result in other conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. When certain muscles in your foot are stretched in an abnormal way, they can become inflamed and overstretched. An orthotic insole can reduce this risk greatly – it’s an easy, affordable solution.

Why Choose G8 Performance Moldable Insoles?

When it comes to performance orthotic insoles, few companies compare to G8 Performance. At G8 Performance, aim to provide long-lasting solutions rather than temporary relief. As a result of this, our products come with multiple arch pieces, so you are able to adjust the level of support as the strength of your foot improves and proper movement is encouraged.

Passively exercising the feet is what makes our products stand out from the crowd. Rather than inhibiting movement, our insoles work to promote movement – in the optimum form. As your feet adapt to the correct movement, you will notice a difference with better posture and reduced discomfort – what could be better?

Get Your Customised Heat Moldable Footbeds Today

These heat moldable footbeds can be molded to hug your foot like a glove, and we also offer another product that is adjustable. This means we have something for every preference. Why wait? Browse our options today and move towards a life without discomfort.

We also supply pro insoles as well as metatarsal dome insole on our online store. Read Less

Refer to our Size and Fitting Guide to get the right product for you or contact us today to discuss your needs and we will happy to assist you.

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