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G8 Performance is home to the most innovative orthotic insoles available on the market.

The brand was created by David Lee with a vision: to promote ongoing foot health and change the world’s perspective on the importance of the feet in sport and in everyday life.

G8 Performance’s approach to the health of feet is simple: to reduce injury and increase athletic performance for everyone, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply likes to go for a social walk or a bike ride.

David has long understood what it means to have issues with foot pain, numbness, calf cramping and shin splints, suffering from these since he was a teenager.

These issues were exacerbated for him during his time as a soldier in the US Army from 2003, where he worked and trained with US Elite Special Forces, and throughout six deployments, where the pressure and stress on his feet and legs were unparalleled.

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After leaving the army and returning to Australia, David sought solutions to his foot issues, at one time importing an adjustable orthotic device from the United States. This had its limitations, so he ultimately decided to develop his own product – and from there, G8 Performance was born.

David has been active within the performance orthotic industry since 2010, owning G8 Performance since 2012. Unlike other insole and orthotic solutions which merely provide a “band aid” approach to foot issues, David’s business seeks to actively address the core problems which cause pain in the feet and which can be referred into the legs, ankles, knees and even the hips.

He also wants to change the way the industry approaches feet – both in the cycling and sporting arena, as well as in everyday life. David’s priority is helping people with personalised, one-on-one service and high quality products that are second to none.

With two products available (adjustable orthotic insoles and heat-moulded insoles), David aims to help his clients actively improve and eliminate issues including discomfort, heel pain, arch pain, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and pain referred from the feet to the calves and knees.

David’s vision for the future is to bring “podiatry to the people” via outlets that prescribe customised foot solutions and which consider the function of the foot within a shoe – regardless of whether it is a cycling shoe, an athletic shoe, or even everyday footwear. With improved dynamic foot health, athletic performance is enhanced and injuries are reduced.

Currently, David’s adjustable G8 Performance orthotic insoles are distributed not only within Australia, but also in Europe, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Singapore.

David is a pioneering thinker who has a unique ability to look at problems from a different perspective and to think outside the box when seeking solutions. His approach to problem-solving is immersive – and it is with this capacity for empathy that David has been able to develop G8 Performance.

David is strongly committed to his clients – for him, it’s all about solving their problems and providing them with an alternative for foot soreness and other related issues.

How G8 Insoles Can Help You Increase Your Performance

  • Our Insoles provide forefoot support.

    They are designed to assist the forefoot flex and disperse the maximum amount of energy at impact. They are not designed as a quick fix solution, they have been designed to increase your foot health over the long term.

    By assisting the foot to strengthen and stretch, the foot becomes stronger which maintains foot bone structure and allows the foot to expel energy more effectively.

  • They also provide all over foot support.

    They do this by supporting the foot throughout the entire movement of the gait cycle. Even when there is no weight being placed on the foot the most important part of the foot (that being the front third of the foot as it contains most of the nerve endings and blood supply) is in contact with the flexible arch piece.

    This contact increases the brains proprioceptive adaptation which encourages your foot to push more energy out and results in you experiencing more forward momentum or power to your pedal stroke.

  • Our Insoles are fully customisable.

    Feet come in all shapes and sizes and vary in their levels of flexibility and strength. The G8 Performance orthotic insoles come with an adjustable arch piece that be moved around to suit an individual foot.

    The Ignite insole is heat mouldable and can be shaped precisely to feet to provide comfort and support.

  • They come with a flexible arch piece.

    The flexible arch piece included in the range of  orthotic insoles is what allows the foot to be supported throughout the entire range of motion of the gait cycle.

    The arch piece flexes to the appropriate amount under load and springs back to its original shape.

    It is this function that that assists to strengthen and loosen the forefoot and associated muscles and tendons which increases blood flow and reduces numbness.

    The functionality of the arch also strengthens to the plantar (underside) of the foot which will in time help to hold the bone structure in place.

    Collapsed metatarsal bones are the most common source of burning or numbness as well as reduced balance.

  • A metatarsal pad is inbuilt within the orthotic insoles.

    Through our own internal testing we have found that the combination of a small metatarsal pad which gently spreads the metatarsal heads combined with the flexible arch piece which gently lifts the metatarsal heads, is far more effective than using a met pad on its own.

    This combination promotes blood flow which reduces numbness and the potential for injuries such as Moreton’s Neuroma.

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