Arch Support Insoles for Running

Your feet are the closest things to the ground. Shoes inhibit natural movement of the foot and weaken the underlying muscles. The 2620’s actively exercise your feet while you are making a new PR (personal record).

Running barefoot is far more energy efficient than running in shoes. It is also impractical.

The 2620s arch support insoles for running are designed to encourage the foot to move as if it was barefoot but with the added bonus of being protected with shoes. Read More

High Performance Insoles for Runners from G8

When you run, whether on a hard or soft surface, your feet take a pounding. And if you run in ill-fitting shoes, you run the risk of nerves being compressed resulting in inflammation, tenderness, and pain.

G8 orthotic arch support insoles are designed to fit in any enclosed sports shoe and are a great choice if you are looking for high-quality, high-performance insoles for running. They enable you to run more comfortably (and faster) and offer long term health benefits for your feet. Our insoles for runners give your feet the freedom to move more naturally while providing enhanced protection and support.

By utilising the latest orthotic insole technology, we’ve created an adjustable arch piece that suits feet of all shapes, sizes and levels of flexibility and strength and which supports the foot throughout the entire range of motion in the gait cycle. Not only will our insoles help to reduce pain and discomfort, but they increase blood flow, strengthen your muscles, and promote a much more efficient running gait.

Feel the Benefits of G8 Performance Running Insoles

Both novice and advanced runners can suffer from foot pain, typically developing at least one injury a year. This is hardly a surprise as running puts your feet under a lot of pressure. Running is an extremely high impact activity, and your feet are the first point of contact. Every time your foot hits the ground, it does so with between two to three times your body weight. Over time you may develop problems with your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, stress fractures and tendonitis together with pain in your joints.

By using G8 Performance arch support insoles for runners, you’ll benefit from years of research and development. Our insoles are designed to:

  • Provide a solid adjustable base to suit feet of all sizes
  • Facilitate a more natural way of moving that almost replicates running barefoot
  • Assist the flex of the forefoot
  • Allow the foot to expel energy in the most efficient way
  • Ensure maximum disbursement of energy as the foot hits the ground for faster running
  • Support the foot through the entire gait cycle
  • Maximise blood flow in the foot to help with cooling and feeling
  • Enhance strength and stretch within the foot
  • Help maintain bone structure

With our performance insoles in your running shoes, you’ll not only run faster but you can say goodbye to calf cramps and toe and foot numbness.

Suitable for All Runners & All Feet

Whether you’re experiencing problems with your feet while running, want to enhance your performance – or you simply care about the health of your feet and your whole body – with G8 Performance insoles, running immediately becomes a whole lot easier. And more comfortable.

Over the last 10 years, G8 Performance running insoles have helped our customers to improve their running performance and experience better recovery, particularly after long runs. Our running insoles are thin and lightweight and are fully customisable, having 5 arch heights and 11 position options while the narrow heel cup means that they’ll fit easily into your running shoes, and the inbuilt metatarsal pad ensures helps to reduce numbness and pain.

Our innovative products are loved by customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America and Singapore. Place your order now and we promise you – you won’t be disappointed. Read Less

How G8 Insoles Can Benefit Your Running

  • Increased force transferal (equals faster!)
  • Increased foot strength
  • Reduced torque on calf and Achilles (slay those calf cramps)
  • Increased blood flow (helps with cooling and feeling)
  • Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness

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