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Blood Flow Bundle


Alleviate foot and toe numbness

Aids to regulate foot temperature as well as alleviating foot or toe numbness by opening up compressed nerves, tendons and muscles. Constantly pushing our bodies to the max or wearing tight shoes can cause compression of nerves, tendons, and muscles.

The blood flow pack opens these pathways and removes the causes of the problems that lead to pins and needles, restrictive blood flow and hot or cold foot sensations.

Refer to our Size and Fitting Guide to get the right product for you or contact us today to discuss your needs and we will happy to assist you.

G8 Performance Pro Series 2620 - Custom Orthotic Insoles

2620 PRO SERIES Orthotic Insoles are designed to maximise direct power transfer at the point of impact, which is critical in technical shoes. It provides a solid adjustable base to suit feet of all sizes and levels of flexibility and strength plus adaptation of the foot over time. Its design maximises flex of the forefoot and blood flow in the foot.

G8 Performance Metdomes ™ - Metatarsal Pads

Our Metdomes™ are designed to increase blood flow to the foot to alleviate toe/foot numbness and regulate foot temperature. The Metdomes™ fit under the 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads (ball of foot) gently lifting and spreading the bones to allow increased blood flow. (Yoga for your feet)

2680 in stock

2680 in stock

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