Fitting Guide for Metdomes™

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About Metdomes™

"Like yoga for your feet."

The G8 Metdomes™ enable your feet to stretch as you move, creating a small but important mound under your metatarsal bones, allowing them to expand like a spinal stretch over a fit ball. Creating passive stretching while you move!

Movement of the feet when using the G8 Metdomes™ allows your metatarsal tendons and bones to stretch laterally, relieving any compression that may be causing symptoms like excessive sweating, ‘hot foot’, or most commonly foot and toe numbness.

Over a long period of time, compression of tendons and nerves can cause a disconnection from the brain. When the brain detects pain and it is ignored, the signals connecting the source of the discomfort to the brain starts to dull, or even worse, completely switches off.

The G8 Metdomes™ alleviate stress on the main pressure points of the foot during movement and make your feet feel stronger and more flexible every day.

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How To Position Metdomes™

The G8 Metdomes™ attach to the base of the 2620 orthotics with a strong holding loop and hook system

Firstly, choose the correct height of Metdome™

We recommend:

  • Level 1 for people with slight compression or sensitive feet

  • Level 2 for people with severe compression

2. Remove the 2620 orthotic insoles from the shoe.

3. Place foot on the 2620 orthotic insole to measure the position of where the Metdome™ will be placed.

4. Keeping the heel in place on the 2620, lift up the toes and slip the Metdome™ in and underneath the ball of the foot.

5. Place the Metdome™ pad between the big toe and the second toe. It should nestle in between the metatarsal bones underneath the ball of the foot.

6. The round edge of the Metdome™ will be barely visible between your toes and the rise of the dome should be in between the metatarsal bones.

7. Once the Metdome™ is in the correct position return the 2620 orthotic insoles to the shoe and walk for 30 minutes until the proprioceptors adjust. It will feel foreign at first.

8. The Metdome™ can be moved back or forth for additional comfort or deeper stretches.

Variations & Exceptions to the rules

As with stretching, it takes time for your body to adjust and adapt to new movements so allow your feet to stretch slowly and be patient until they adjust.

In some instances, Metdomes™ can be worn between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal bones to precisely target toe numbness. When symptoms are alleviated Metdomes™ can be moved sideways for additional benefits.

When using the Metdomes™ in conjunction with the 2620 orthotic insoles, the Metdomes™ may no longer be needed over time as your feet gain enough strength and flexibility.

Additional exercises to strengthen foot muscles

1. Scrunching foot
2. Picking up a pen or highlighter pen
3. Walking on sand

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