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Relieve pain, reduce injuries and better your performance

G8 Performance 2620 Insoles improve agility, acceleration, correct misalignment - and increase your energy and stamina.

Are you suffering with foot pain, injury, plantar fasciitis or shin splints?

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis usually presents as pain on the bottom of your foot near your heel. Often there's pain when you take the first few steps getting out of bed, and greater pain after exercise or activity. G8 2620 Insoles ease Plantar Fasciitis, often instantly.

Shin splints

Shin splints give pain along the inner edge of the shinbone (tibia). Often it's a dull ache or throbbing sensation. They may worsen during physical activity, feel tender to touch or become swollen or inflamed. G8 2620 Insoles can really help ease the pain.

On your feet all day

Being your feet all day can be utterly depleting. Ignite Heat Moldables deliver customised comfort and all-day support. 2620s, with a touch more spring thanks to our uniquely adjustable arch pieces will also help reduce fatligue and pain.

Unmatched advantages & benefits

  • Leading performance-enhancing orthotic insoles in the USA
  • Join thousands of others who've had their lives changed by G8 Performance custom orthotic insoles - enjoy support from a global network of authorised partners - plus receive personal aftersales service and care from our own dedicated team.
  • You're never on your own. Once you've purchased you're first pair of G8's, you're welcomed into 'the G8 family'. We check in, we follow up and we care.
  • Scientifically proven to reduce pain and lessen injuries
  • Spend more time being active and doing what you love with who you love.
  • Increased fitness and greater wellbeing across all areas of life.
  • Uniquely adjustable - fully customisable
  • You're unique, and your G8 insoles will cater precisely to your uniqueness by bringing you the world's first fully customisable orthotic insole you can fit and adjust yourself, at home, perfectly.
  • Enjoy fast relief and superior performance for the fraction of the cost of prescription orthotic insoles.
  • Perfect for being on your feet all day
  • Working on your feet all day can be utterly depleting. G8's give you the advantage of ultimate cushioning and support, precisley where you need it - literally giving you more pep in your step.
  • Enjoy your work day pain free and come home with more energy to do more of what you love doing with who you love.
  • For players of all sports, any phyiscal activity or movement
  • Whatever sport you play, however you move, G8 Performance insoles and accessories will help better your performance, bannish pain and lower incidence of injury.
  • You can use G8's in your everyday shoes, as well as the shoes or boots you work or play in. The more you wear G8s, the stronger your feet will become, leading to better performance and wellbeing.
  • Increase blood flow and stability - positives for all ages
  • The advantage of increased blood flow and stability is a noticable increase in energy output and improved balance.
  • Increased output and better balance means more enjoyment as you move, and less injuries.
  • Improve development and performance for kids
  • They're only kids once. Strengthening of the feet is truly capitalising on this important window of development, regardless of the sport they play or physical activity they do.
  • Strengthening the feet leads to superior performance, improved posture and wellbeing and far less injuries.
  • Strength and comfort, however you move
  • The advantage of having G8's in your favourite shoes or boots is that you develop strength in your feet, as you move. And feel comfortable as you do.
  • There are 29 muscles associated with the foot. And because G8's help exercise the entire foot, the upflow of benefits to whole body are many. The most significant benefits for most people are superior performance (noticably improved agility and acceleration), correction of misalignments, improved posture, feeling more revitalised and less injuries.

What customers are saying...

"...a lot of the benefits of a full custom orthotic... just as effective, just as supportive - stick them in the shoes and they work!"
James Thomas
Bicycle Richmond, UK
"As someone coming back from stress fractures, these (2620's) are giving me plenty of support - lots of comfort - plenty of power."
Angus Mead
Film Maker, Australia
"I've noticed the numbness, knee pain and plantar fasciitis I was experiencing has gone and I have not had any further injuries."
Maria W
Tennis player, Pickleballer

We check in with everyone who 'joins the G8 family'...


"I wish I had spent the money earlier!

Hi Stacey,

I initially ordered the 2620's thinking that I would probably return them.

I was so wrong and I wish I had spent the money earlier!

I currently ride with and without the 2620 (because I alternate multiple pairs of shoes) and I instantly feel the difference when they're on.

I'm super super happy with the purchase and truly impressed by the comfort improvement I get out of them.

~ Julie Labrecque

Cyclist and adventurer


"...would recommend them to everyone.

Stacey, thanks for the follow up. Yes, I like them a lot and would recommend them to everyone.

I purchased them to resolve a swelling and discoloration in my right ankle. The swelling is not due to injury or overuse but a weak tendon. The foot/ankle doctor recommended "good orthotics" and not drug store ones. He also recommended some foot and ankle exercises.

My swelling is just about all gone and no skin discoloration.

I like the modularity of the G8 and can 'tune' them as needed. I will probably purchase a second pair.

~ Shawn


"...making a big difference in my running...

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your email, and for taking the time to call me, sorry that I couldn't pick up.

G8 is making a big difference in my running, and in my general comfort level with my shoes, with my arch feeling much stronger now.

I used to have to try to consciously compensate for the pronation that had been such a problem for so long, and it's great not to have to do that anymore!

~ Howard


"They feel great and make me feel great.

The product you bring to the market is second to none. This is the first insole that I am aware of that is fully customizable. I wish would have discovered this in my younger years.

Thank you and G8 Performance for the innovative equipment that helps people and athletes get the most out of their bodies by addressing biomechanical deficiencies.

I am in love with my 2620s. They have sufficiently addressed the issue I was having. They feel great and make me feel great.

~ Emilio


"Most other supports fail to find the sweet spot.

Hi Stacey,

Doing great - the G8 insoles are wonderful and holding up well.

After progressively increasing the arch support (as directed) I have settled on the 3rd arch support, middle position.

I think this system of advancing arch support over time is what really differentiates your product from the other insole products I have tried.

Most other supports fail to find the sweet spot.

I'll be back when it time to get a new pair.

Kind regards,

Robert Q


"I think this is the 5th pair I have ordered from you.

Thanks. I am loving my insoles.

I think this is the 5th pair I have ordered from you.

I use them in cycling and everyday use. However, I also used them for hiking.

While they work well for me in hiking, I was full pack hiking, I found the weigh to the pack made me wishing you had a pair of insoles that were slightly thicker for hiking.

For cycling they are perfect.
Just some feedback. Thanks for the wonderful product.
~ Shaun


Pain completely gone.

Hi Stacey,

I've pretty much got the arches adjusted to best suit my feet now, ie. L1 support run approximately midway forward on the arch. 

The biggest thing I've noticed is the pressure on the balls of my feet feels more evenly supported now. 

Also, the greatest benefit of the G8's is that the pain I'd been experiencing in my left knee for the past couple of years has nearly totally gone away!  

Thanks for checking.

~ Sean

** Note: We checked in with Sean 6 weeks later and his pain had completely gone.


"Your after sales service is the best I've ever dealt with!

Hi Maria,

A little message to let you know that I just received the arch piece, thanks a lot.

Thank you for the massage ball as well.

Your after sales service is the best I've ever dealt with!




"They have been transformative.

Hi Stacey,

I ordered the G8s when I noticed a plantar fibroma developing on my foot along with some discomfort while cycling.

They have been transformative. I am much more comfortable now. This is a great product.

I ended up seeing a podiatrist and he was also really impressed by their effectiveness.

Thank you,



"They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

Hi Stacey,

They're terrific.

They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

I'm one of those persons who needs a good amount of support so that I don't pronate (L3 arch support and #2 heel wedges).

Thanks so much!



"...no pain or toe numbness for the first time since I started cycling in 2020.

Hello G8 Team,

I'm glad I purchased your insoles.

After watching a few videos and experimenting, I'm thrilled to report no pain or toe numbness for the first time since I started cycling in 2020.

I'm already comfortable with #4 clip, one position from the front most option. I will wait a few weeks before testing #5 clip.

~ Steve R


"I have been telling everyone to get a set… great product great business, what’s not to love!!

Thank you for your concern!

I am very pleased with my G8’s!!

I have been telling everyone to get a set… great product great business, what’s not to love!!

~ Vic H

2620 Pro Series Insoles

Best for sport and endurance, 2620 orthotic Insoles maximise direct power transfer at the point of impact for enhanced performance and less injuries.

Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options

Thin and lightweight

Narrow heel cup

Chambers for air flow

Wear every day

Ignite – Heat Moldable

Best for being on your feet all day. Simple to heat with a hairdryer, 'Ignite' orthotic insoles are comfortable with a high level of support. Easy wash and reset.

Enhanced forefoot flex for comfort and unparalleled support

Perfectly customised fit


Machine washable

Wear every day

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Sports are G8 orthotic insoles suitable for?

    G8 orthotic insoles are suitable for a wide array of sports, including cycling, running, jogging, soccer/football, AFL, basketball, netball, tennis, pickleball, weight lifting, snow skiing, golf, hiking, and walking.

  • What is included in the G8 orthotic insole Kit?

    2620 PRO SERIES

    2 x 22, 26, 30, and 34mm arches

    2 x 2620 Pro compatible orthotic insoles


    2 x heat-mouldable orthotic insoles

  • How do I fit and adjust my G8 2620 Orthotic Insoles?

    Fitting needs to be conducted while seated. This so there is minimal weight on the foot.

    This allows the natural foot shape to be maintained. An arch piece is fitted just behind the first and second metatarsal heads to confirm the right shape.

    This is then clicked into place and trimmed to fit the show using the existing insole as a guide. Put the new insole into the shoe and repeat for the other foot.

    The client then stands and minor adjustments are made for comfort and then must be able to roll from heel to forefoot.

    More info: Fitting 2620's and accessories

  • How do I mould my Ignite Orthotic Insoles?

    Ignite orthotic insoles are moulded with a hairdryer. The hairdryer must be held very close to the underside of the insole, waving it over the grey section for one to two minutes to ensure pliability.

    Then place the insole against your foot and manipulate the heated section with your fingers.

    Mould the insole to the foot in this way until you achieve the desired shape.

    [Video Demo]

  • Why do my feet hurt after wearing my G8’s?

    Initially when you begin wearing G8 orthotic insoles, your feet need to adjust to the flexion and movement, so your muscles and tendons may feel a bit sore due to minor inflammation.

    This is completely normal and you can alleviate this by breaking in your G8’s slowly to gradually strengthen the muscles of your feet and improve your foot health.

  • How do G8’s support my arches?

    The G8 design encourages your feet to move naturally in your shoe. This movement is a form of passive exercise of the plantar muscles. The resultant strength increase in these muscles is what holds up the arch and keeps your feet healthier.

    The height of the arch piece is determined by the height of the forward portion of your arch. As long as the arch piece is touching your forward arch when you are non weight bearing the G8's will be doing their job.

  • How much should I trim off my orthotic insoles?

    Trim anywhere along the insole but don’t trim the plastic. The arch piece and the heel piece are most critical and with the narrow design of some shoes, trimming elsewhere on the insole is fine.

  • How long do G8 orthotic insoles last?

    You will need a new insole when your arch support is no longer optimal and you have moved onto as high an arch as your foot allows.

    The 2620 PRO SERIES orthotic insoles should last for the life of your shoe. (12-18 months).  Ignite orthotic insoles will usually last 6-12 months. Due to the amount of sweat -250ml per foot - combined with the heat and friction, the materials in your shoes and G8's will degrade and no longer function optimally. There is also a hygiene factor.

    The arch pieces can withstand a beating but after a while the spring in the arch piece will diminish. Some people happen to wear their shoes out faster than others, so this is a factor as well. The arch pieces will perform better when fitted under the forward arch and not near the rear near the heel.

    Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.

  • Help! My G8’s are giving me blisters!

    New movement and biomechanics and better foot positioning with new G8’s can result in rubbing and blisters. Make sure to wear them in slowly and you’ll find them comfortable in no time.

  • Can I wear G8’s in any shoe?

    The G8 Performance 2620 PRO SERIES orthotic insoles may be customised to fit any athletic shoe, including sports shoes, ski boots, hiking boots, skates, medical or orthopaedic footwear.

    They are not suitable for high heel shoes.

    You can wear the same G8 orthotic insoles for different shoes (e.g. running shoes and cycling shoes) but be aware that it’s best to use the G8 insole specific to its application.

  • I am very flat footed. Would the G8 2620s work for me?

    The many problems caused by flat feet is the main reason the 2620 orthotic insoles were developed! The 2620’s are designed to encourage natural foot movement in the shoe and over time, the feet will become stronger and more effective at transferring force through the ball of the foot.

    When feet are stronger and doing what they should, blood flow is increased (eliminating hot spots), nerve response is increased (providing better feedback to the brain), and increased force transfer to the place you need it most. This force transfer also reduces energy return, which can help with calf and Achilles issues as well as knee problems.

    Now, this is not an instant fix. Just like any other musculature system, the muscles take time to adapt and the rest of the body will follow suit.

    If you begin with the level 1 arch piece in your shoes and adjust it gradually as your feet build more strength. The arch piece can be exchanged for a level 2 and eventually be moved forward. This is a gradual progression depending on how bad your feet are and can take between 8-18months. You must listen to what your body is telling you which is the best indicator on how you need to graduate to the next level of arch or forward position.

    Some plantar muscle pain may be experienced if you do high mileage in your 2620’s right out of the box. You need to make sure you take the time to get used to the 2620s as the muscles and ligaments will need to adjust to the increased movement in your feet. If you experience discomfort, allow your foot muscles to recover by resting them and applying topical magnesium.

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Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options
  • Best for sport and endurance
  • Strengthen your feet, enhance performance
  • Wear all day, every day


Ultimate heat-moldable orthotic. Custom comfort
  • Best for on your feet all day
  • Cushioned heel pad, flexible forefoot
  • Wear all day, every day