Fitting Guide for 2620s

Suspension for your feet - Passively exercises to strengthen feet

Concept- The arch piece is designed to support the foot by cradling the forward foot arch.

Start with the lowest arch piece (L1) and progressively move as far forward as is comfortable, overtime continue to move the arch piece forward. Once all the forward positions are exhausted it is now time to select a higher arch piece, starting midway again then progressively moving forward until the arch piece is flush forward supporting the metatarsal arch.

The highest arch you use will be governed by foot structure and anatomy eg; If you are flatfooted you might stay on L1 or progress to L2. If you have a naturally high arch you may start on L2 and progress up to L3, L4 or L5

How to position in shoes

  • Remove previous insole

  • Trim the toe area of the 2620 insole to fit your shoe, (tip-use previous insole as a template to cut)

  • Attach L1 arch piece to the left foot orthotic in the most forward position (or 1 click back).

  • Attach L2 arch piece to the right foot orthotic 2-3 positions back from the most forward position.

  • Place both orthodontic insoles into the shoes.

  • Walk around for 1 minute.

  • Decide which one feels best and adjust the other one accordingly to match.

Variations & Exceptions to the rules

Some people may have developed structural imbalances due to past injury, or favoring one side…

In these cases, the set up position is aimed to restore balance & the procedure is different.

  • Eg: a person might have both feet level 1 arch piece – one clicked all the way forward – the other clicked 1-2 clicks back.
  • Eg: a person might have a level 1 arch piece on the left and a level 2 arch piece on the right.

Both examples could apply to imbalances caused by past injuries

Resetting the CNS

The arch piece and position have been decided, now reset the central nervous system.

  1. Take the arch piece away from one shoe, while leaving the other in place.
  2. Walk around the room for 1 minute
  3. Replace the missing arch piece
  4. Walk again for 1 minute

This stimulates your neurological pathways, communicating to your brain that your feet have been altered.

Additional exercises to strengthen foot muscles

  • 1. Scrunching foot

  • 2. Picking up a pen or highlighter pen

  • 3. Walking on sand

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