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For the performance improver.

Allowing you to run faster, jump higher or cycle harder for longer.

The power pack corrects alignment of posture and prevents leakage of power.

The heel wedges included in this pack maximises biomechanical effectiveness of the foot and force output.

The power pack will allow you to perform at your absolute best.

Refer to our Size and Fitting Guide to get the right product for you or contact us today to discuss your needs and we will happy to assist you.

G8 Performance Pro Series 2620

2620 PRO SERIES Orthotic Insoles are designed to maximise direct power transfer at the point of impact, which is critical in technical shoes. It provides a solid adjustable base to suit feet of all sizes and levels of flexibility and strength plus adaptation of the foot over time.

Its design maximises flex of the forefoot and blood flow in the foot.

G8 Performance Custom Heel Wedges

2620 Pro Series Heel Wedges are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the 2620 Orthotic Insoles and/or correct varus/valgus alignment issues.

The wedges clip seamlessly into the heel of the 2620 orthotic insoles and help with alignment and balance of the foot in the shoe. Heel wedges are useful if:

  • your feet do not follow a straight line when you walk, run or cycle
  • you have rear foot mis-alignment
  • you want to create small increments between the 2620 arch heights to help transition from one arch height to the other

PLEASE NOTE: These are an accessory to our 2620s and you must select the same size for both.

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