Splay Foot Insoles - G8 2620's

With the right Splay Foot Insoles, you can improve blood flow to the foot, reducing numbness and possible injuries. G8 2620's increase overall foot health and comfort. They've also proven to reduce injury and increase athletic performance.

Splay Foot Orthotics by G8

G8 Insoles create a supportive environment for the foot through the whole range of motion in the gait cycle.

We offer two types of full insoles – our '2620' adjustable orthotic insoles, and 'Ignite' heat molded insoles. Both can be further customised using splay foot orthotics in the form of our Metatarsal Pads.

In both of the insoles we offer, there are small metatarsal pads built-in that spread the metatarsal heads gently, while the arch piece in the insole provides some lift.

The G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles), Metdomes® are metatarsal pads that can be easily attached to either the Performance Pro Series 2620 or the Ignite insoles to offer better blood flow to the feet.

Particularly effective for those who suffer from toe or foot tingling and numbness during sport, or temperature extremes in the feet, the Metdomes lift and spread the bones by fitting under the first and second metatarsal heads in the ball of the foot.

Increased blood flow from splay foot orthotics helps to not only reduce any numbness or tingling but work to better regulate foot temperature while increasing the suppleness of the collateral ligaments.

The Metdomes attach to our insoles using our magic hook system, so they can be moved multiple times to get the correct placement without compromising the effectiveness.

Some Background

Although an Australian company at heart, we supply our innovative orthotic solutions worldwide. We have a range of products for your orthotic needs including arch support insoles.

We ship from our warehouse locations in Australia, the UK, and the US, with a flat rate delivery of just $6 USD worldwide. If you are lucky enough to live in the same country as our warehouse, there will be no additional customs charge (this includes European orders that will be shipped from our UK location).

About The Founder

David Lee started G8 Performance in 2012, making it a personal mission to bring podiatry to the public to promote ongoing foot health and to emphasise the importance of the feet in sport and everyday life.

David himself had been a lifelong sufferer of foot pain, numbness, calf cramping, and shin splints from his teenage years, and this increased when he was deployed in the US Army in 2003.

While serving six tours as part of the US Elite Special Forces, the pain led him to find out more about orthotics. When he went home to Australia, he even imported an adjustable orthotic device from the US.

The limitations of the orthotics that were available provided the impetus for him to make orthotics, and splay foot insoles are part of the products and service that G8 now offer.

orthotics blood flow bundle

Our Blood Flow Bundle (pictured) includes 2620's and Metdomes™ - Metatarsal Pads.


"They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

Hi Stacey,

They're terrific.

They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

I'm one of those people who needs a good amount of support so that I don't pronate (L3 arch support and #2 heel wedges).

Thanks so much!"

~ Mike

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