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Whether you run, dance, ball, cycle or are any other kind of professional or hobby athlete, problems with the way your foot moves can cause discomfort and pain that can affect more than just your feet. If you are suffering from foot pain or numbness, calf cramps, shin splints or other issues, you might benefit from arch support insoles that can be worn with almost every type of shoe.

The Benefits of Arch Support Insoles

A vital part of having healthy feet is wearing shoes that are comfortable and provide the necessary support.

However, while all feet are unique, most shoes are made for the mass market and so are designed for feet that have average shape and characteristics; many feet do not.

The positioning of heels and toes varies, as does the shape of arches. foot arch support insoles will solve many of the problems and will:

  • improve blood flow

  • encourage a better posture

  • exercise and strengthen your foot muscles

  • reduce swelling and strain on your feet

  • relieve pain in your lower back, feet and knees

  • lead to improved health overall

  • keep your feet comfortable, fresh and dry.

Arch support insoles will solve various foot problems that include fallen arches and over-pronation (excessive rolling inward of the feet).

The G8 Performance Pro Series 2620

This adjustable insole is designed to maximise direct power transfer at the point of impact, which is especially critical in sports shoes. This insole is designed to be fully adjustable, including moveable arch support shoe inserts that can be placed where they are needed most.

These inserts are not a “band-aid” solution – rather they work to strengthen the natural structure of the foot by maximising the blood flow to the feet and improving the flex. Thin and lightweight, these have a solid adjustable base to suit feet of all sizes.

The whole insole is fully customisable, so even if you need high arch support shoe inserts you can take advantage of the adjustments of five different arch heights to decide which is most suitable for you.

Our customers love these because they also include an inbuilt metatarsal pad that works with the arch support to lift and spread the metatarsal heads for better blood flow.

The engineered chambers improve airflow to ensure all-day comfort in even the most demanding sports, and the design is perfect as arch support insoles for running, cycling, hiking, or just everyday life.

Leading Arch Support Shoe Inserts

This heat mouldable orthotic can be adjusted multiple times to suit changing needs at home – using just a hairdryer. Combining a cushioned heel pad with flexible forefoot support, these high arch support insolesare a great entry point into the world of customisable orthotics, offering great support without compromising on integrity or functionality.

We love these for extra support for those on their feet all day, and they can be used in conjunction with our Heel Wedges and Metdomes ® too.

Improve Your Overall Health with Arch Support Inserts

Although the good health of our feet is crucial to enable us to move freely, it’s also important for our general health. Our feet support other parts of our body, such as our back and various joints, and also help to balance our body weight. Problems with our feet can therefore cause other issues that may seem unrelated.

It’s reckoned that over 70% of people have foot problems that have a negative impact on their daily lives. In many cases, the extra strain on our feet can cause foot, knee and lower back pains and various injuries.

Most people don’t realise that these problems result from badly fitting shoes or imperfections in their feet. These can often be relieved by wearing arch support insoles that provide the necessary support and cushioning.

The Best Insoles For You

Shoes are designed and made for average feet, our support insoles will provide the right fit for your feet. Simply measure your feet, taking account of the width of your heel, toes and arch, then refer to the size charts we have for each of our products. You can then obtain the perfect fit that will give maximum benefit for your feet.

Our performance insoles are made of lightweight and breathable materials and are adjustable to provide the best fit. They have a cushioned surface for comfort, control odour and are fully guaranteed in case they don’t do the job.

Wearing our insoles, you can enjoy walking, running, playing sport and a host of other activities without causing pain to your back and knee joints. Your feet will be much more comfortable and your overall performance will be significantly improved rather than impeded. If you stand for a large part of your day, you’ll be able to do so more easily and with no discomfort.

Many foot support products are targeted at specific foot problems so you can choose the most suitable one for your condition. If you need help or advice in choosing the best supports, consult the product information on our website. Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help you because we want you to be comfortable and free of pain.

Customised High Arch Support Insoles For All

The truly customisable nature of the products we offer make it simple for our customers to get the exact foot arch support insoles they need.

And with $6 USD flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world, you too can improve your performance, reduce pain, and lessen the chance of injury – whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or just someone who is on their feet all day.

About G8 Performance

David Lee started G8 Performance in 2012, making it a personal mission to bring podiatry to the public to promote ongoing foot health and to emphasise the importance of the feet in sport and everyday life.

David himself had been a lifelong sufferer of foot pain, numbness, calf cramping, and shin splints from his teenage years, and this increased when he was deployed in the US Army in 2003.

While serving six tours as part of the US Elite Special Forces, the pain led him to find out more about orthotics. When he went home to Australia, he even imported an adjustable orthotic device from the US.

The limitations of the orthotics that were available then gave David the impetus for him to develop the products and service that G8 now offer.

orthotics blood flow bundle

Our Blood Flow Bundle (pictured) includes 2620's and Metdomes™ - Metatarsal Pads.

"I've noticed the numbness, knee pain and plantar fasciitis I was experiencing has gone and I have not had any further injuries."
Maria W
Tennis player, Pickleballer

"They feel great and make me feel great.

The product you bring to the market is second to none. This is the first insole that I am aware of that is fully customizable. I wish would have discovered this in my younger years.

Thank you and G8 Performance for the innovative equipment that helps people and athletes get the most out of their bodies by addressing biomechanical deficiencies.

I am in love with my 2620s. They have sufficiently addressed the issue I was having. They feel great and make me feel great."

~ Emilio


"...making a big difference in my running...

Thank you for your email, and for taking the time to call me, sorry that I couldn't pick up.

G8 is making a big difference in my running, and in my general comfort level with my shoes, with my arch feeling much stronger now.

I used to have to try to consciously compensate for the pronation that had been such a problem for so long, and it's great not to have to do that anymore!"

~ Howard

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