2 x 2620
  • For the fast-paced achiever.

    Providing convenience and comfort without even thinking about it! This pack allows the individual to change their shoes from sportswear to day wear without the hassle of swapping and adjusting insoles, allowing more time for the important things in life. The genius pack enables your insoles customised to your favourite pair of shoes, creating stronger feet with every stride no matter what activity.


1 x 2620
1 x Heel Wedge
  • For the performance improver.

    Allowing you to run faster, jump higher or cycle harder for longer. The power pack corrects alignment of posture and prevents leakage of power. The heel wedges included in this pack maximises biomechanical effectiveness of the foot and force output. The power pack will allow you to perform at your absolute best.


1 x 2620
1 x Metdome
  • For pain & numbness alleviation.

    Aids to regulate foot temperature as well as alleviating foot or toe numbness by opening up compressed nerves, tendons and muscles. Constantly pushing our bodies to the max or wearing tight shoes can cause compression of nerves, tendons, and muscles. The blood flow pack opens these pathways and removes the causes of the problems that lead to pins and needles, restrictive blood flow and hot or cold foot sensations.


1 x 2620
1 x Heel Wedge
1 x Metdome
  • For the individual who wants to excel.

    Helping you gain the extra edge that matters. This pack is for those who wish to employ every possible tool available to improve performance ability and needs that competitive edge. Increase your power output up to 10% by adding suspension and postural alignment.

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