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The Best Custom Orthotics for Cycling Shoes

Developing issues with your feet can have many consequences, including pain, numbness in feet and toes, bad balance and worsening biomechanics. This is especially true for sports enthusiasts as they age, and cyclists are no exception. If you’re starting to experience any of the issues just mentioned, investing in some cycling orthotic insoles now might prevent you from suffering serious pain and foot problems. And even if your feet are fine now, wouldn’t you like to prevent these issues from developing in the future? G8 Performance offers custom, adjustable cycling orthotic insoles unlike any other available on the market today. Read More

Why Wear Cycling Orthotic Insoles if You Don’t have Problems?

  • Shoes inhibit your feet’s ability to move naturally, which leads to the muscles in your feet atrophying. This is what causes pain and numbness, so keeping your feet healthy and strong is an excellent way to prevent the pain from ever appearing in the first place.
  • Because they exercise your foot muscles, our cycling orthotics insoles enhance your sports performance. By making your feet stronger, you’ll be able to expel more force through them, leading you to become a faster cyclist, or better at any other sports you perform.
  • Your feet are more important than you think, and if they’re too weak, the rest of the body will have to compensate. This can lead to issues with your back, knees, ankles and more. The health of your feet has an impact on your overall health.
  • At G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles), our cycling orthotics insoles increase blood flow, supporting the supply of blood to your feet. Good blood circulation is essential to your health for many reasons and helps with temperature control so that your feet won’t feel too cold or too warm.
  • Wearing insoles increase foot proprioception. Increasing the feeling in your foot is a great way to improve your balance and prevent unnecessary falls caused by numbness of toes and feet.

Pro Series 2620: Best Cycling Footbeds Orthotic Insoles

For cyclists, we usually recommend the G8 Performance Pro Series 2620 insoles, our custom orthotics for cycling shoes, which provide arch support, strengthen your foot muscles, reduce pain and improve sports performance. We also have the G8 Performance Ignite, which are heat-mouldable insoles, for those who stand a lot or for children with growing feet. All our products are custom made, and you can get help with fitting and choosing the right size by visiting one of the authorised fitters listed on our website or utilising our fitting online service when purchasing from our website. For healthier, stronger feet, do yourself a favour and invest in the best orthotic insoles from G8 Performance.

We also supply moldable orthotic insoles as well as heat moldable insoles on our online store. Read Less

Do orthotics really work and why is G8 different?

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