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When a person deadlifts, there is the moment right when force is being applied to the bar – the lats are engaged, the hips are raised slightly, the hands begin to tighten around the bar…

The moment force is transferred from the hips to the feet…

Just at the moment force is transferred from the hips to the feet there always seems to be a slight pause prior to the weights leave the ground. This moment is when the foot flattens out and the force is transferred through the ball of the foot and into the ground. Some energy is lost during this process as the forward arch of the foot collides with the inside of the shoe. 

When wearing the G8 Performance 2620’s with the flexible arch piece in the forward arch (right behind the ball of the foot), the force transfer is immediate.

The pause disappears as the foot, already in contact with the arch piece, transfers maximal force through the ball of the foot. Collision forces are practically eliminated and the transfer of force is immediate. The flattening and splaying of the foot is more controlled and the force is dissipated over a larger surface area. 

During this whole movement the flexible arch piece is in contact with the foot, even when no force is being exerted. This helps keep the nerves of the kinetic chain connected and enhances proprioceptive feedback. 

The 2620’s work in specific lifting shoes, as well as barefoot shoes and other, closed in gym shoes.

Engaging the feet in weight lifting is not just about power transfer…

Engaging the feet reduces the amount of returned force to other parts of the body. For every action there is an equal opposite reaction, that is, if the force is not transferred through the feet then the remaining force returns back up the body.

Depending on body alignment, this can affect ankles, knees, hips, and back. The 2620’s help to expel more of the force being applied than by reducing the collision forces at impact and keeping the feet engaged when not expelling force. 

  • 2620’s reduce collision forces when force is transferred to the feet
  • Increases force transfer
  • Engages synapses and nerve endings which increases proprioception
  • Enables proper foot biomechanics to strengthen feet.

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Increased force transferal (more forward momentum)

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Increased foot strength

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Reduced torque on calf and Achilles (you know you have calf cramps no matter how much magnesium you take)

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Increased blood flow (has cooling effect)

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Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness


Side note – Did you know a large portion of a vertical jump comes from the feet? But only if the feet are strong and flexible.

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