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Last updated on April 24, 2018 by David Lee

Review: Wheelsuckers.co.uk
Reviewer: Dave Nash
Product: Ignite

The miserable wet winter left my once cherished old pair of Sidi cycling shoes looking dull and forlorn  and despite thick overshoes, they are now bereft of their once sleek silver shininess. Happily, their demise provided an opportunity for a much needed upgrade:  cue a new pair of gleaming white Gaerne Boro’s, courtesy of Ebay (a steal at £45!) and oozing Italian style that drew appreciative comments from my fellow club members from their very first outing.

There was one only one problem – the all important fit was not a great one. The combination of my Anglo-Saxon shaped feet and the Italian penchant for slimmer, more effete shoes does not make for a happy marriage. My (wide) size 10 sat comfortably enough in the size 11 Boro’s but despite their sturdy, stiff insole there was still plenty of movement, most noticeably on the upstroke.

Something needed to be done if I was going to retain my Italian swagger and my salvation came in the form of some G8 Performance ‘Ignite’ insoles. Read more

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