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Last updated on April 24, 2018 by David Lee

G8 Performance insoles promote the flexing of the foot under load in order to more effectively transfer energy and force. The flexing of the foot exercises the plantar muscles and tendons and over time adds strength to the overall musculature structure.
As the muscles strengthen they help to hold all the bones and ligaments where they are supposed to be.
An example of this is the loss of height of elderly people. As their muscles lose strength and tone, the bones of the spine compress on themselves and there is a loss of height as a result.
Hot foot is the result of the skeletal structure of the foot putting pressure on the blood supply (usually in the 1st and 2nd metatarsal region). Any increase in strength of the plantar muscles will assist in keeping the bones where they need to be.
As the foot strengthens and blood flow increases there is an increase in sense of feeling in the foot. This is a combination of the increased blood flow and the fact that that portion of the brain is beginning to be reawakened (proprioception) to the fact your feet exist.
Coming from a state of no feeling in the feet to experiencing some hot foot is an indication that foot strength, blood flow and proprioception are on the up and up. With continued foot strengthening exercises and by wearing G8 insoles there should be a marked improvement in sensation and pain reduction.
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