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Fitting Analysis for Cyclist suffering from Hotspot

Background of Cyclist / Runner

  • Current Cycle Shoe – Bont Vapor
  • Numbness pain 4th/5th metatarsals
  • Hot spots – both feet
  • Collapsing of left knee under cycle load coupled with pain in rear of left knee
  • Tight left hamstring

From the pictures supplied we can see that essentially – the left foot and knee are leaning inwards and although the right foot wants to pronate slightly, the right knee and ankle overcompensate by leaning to the outside of the right foot.


I would recommend the Archtech™2600 beginning with a low arch on the left side and working up to a higher arch and over time progressing forward behind the 1st and 2nd metatarsals. The right foot I would recommend a mid-height arch and let future adjustments be guided by any adjustments on the left side to achieve maximum amount of biomechanical symmetry. The aim is to slowly allow the left to flex and strengthen gradually in order to lessen the amount of arch collapse.

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