Best Insoles For Rehabilitation – Why 2620s?

Our feet play a crucial role in maintaining our balance, stability and mobility – hence their importance when it comes to injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Injury Rehabilitation – Feet Affecting Ankles, Knees, Hips and Spine

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A word from G8 Performance founder, David Lee...

Our feet play a crucial role in maintaining our balance, stability and mobility – hence their importance when it comes to injury prevention, recovery and rehabilitation.

Why 2620s?

Our feet are intricately connected to our ankle, knees, hips and spine. This means that any abnormality or misalignment in the feet can have a significant impact on the rest of our body. This is especially true when it comes to injuries and rehabilitation.

When we suffer an injury, our body compensates for the injury by changing the way we walk or move. This can lead to further issues – even secondary injuries.

This is why the adopting the right rehabilitation regime is critical. And why any knee, hip, ankle, spine or foot-related problems need to be addressed as soon as possible, to prevent any further damage or injury.

How 2620s Support and Benefit Injury Rehabilitation

Put plainly, 2620’s work by redistributing pressure – reducing overall stress on foot, and body. They’ll often alleviate pain immediately – then gradually improve the alignment of the foot.

2620s Promote Natural Foot Movement

By helping your feet behave and perform as if they were bare, 2620’s…

  • help to improve the overall function of the foot

  • improve gait and balance

  • reduce pain and inflammation

  • and by providing support to the arch of the foot, 2620 PRO SERIES Orthotic Insoles also help to reduce the stress on the plantar fascia, alleviating pain and inflammation of Plantar Fasciitis.

The above (along with our customer feedback) is why we believe our 2620’s are the best insoles for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

2620s Provide The Ultimate Customised Arch Support

G8 Performance 2620 insoles work by delivering you ultimate, customised support to the arch of your foot – redistributing the pressure across the foot.

They can also help to improve your foot mechanics – correcting imbalances. Your 2620s are completely customisable to your foot, at home. We have easy-to-follow videos and guides to ensure you achieve the perfect fit.

Our support team are also very responsive if you ever have any questions or concerns – both before, and after you ‘join the G8 family’.

Our videos and guides can be found throughout our website, on our YouTube channel, and on QR codes and links supplied with all our G8 Performance products.

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Pain completely gone.

"The biggest thing I've noticed is the pressure on the balls of my feet feels more evenly supported now. Also, the greatest benefit of the G8's is that the pain I'd been experiencing in my left knee for the past couple of years has nearly totally gone away! Thanks for checking."

~ Sean

** Note: We checked in with Sean 6 weeks later and his pain had completely gone.

Summary of 2620 Benefits in Rehab and Injury Recovery

Increased force transferal (more forward momentum)
Increased foot strength
Reduced torque on calf and Achilles
Increased blood flow (has cooling effect)
Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness

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