Metatarsal Dome Pads and Insoles

Do you experience tingling or numb feet during bouts of exercise? Perhaps the temperature of your feet seems unregulated with periods of excessive heat or cold? If either of these symptoms sound familiar then you could benefit from a metatarsal pad.

Metdome™ - Metatarsal Pads by G8 Performance

Our Metdome™ metatarsal pads ease pain and tingling in the feet and toes - restoring quality of life.

The metatarsal dome insole fits under the ball of your foot. They work to gently spread the metatarsal bones in your foot to increase the blood flow and provide relief.

G8 Metdomes™ simply self-adhere to our Pro Series 2620 orthotic insoles. The two combined (2620s and Metdomes™) are designed to give you consistent comfort and unparalleled support, regardless the sport or activity you enjoy.

With G8 insoles and addons (such as Metdomes™) inside your favourite shoes and boots, you can expect long-lasting, even permanent results that translate into all aspects of your life and wellbeing. Our reviews speak for themselves and are one of the main reasons G8 Performance has emerged as world leader in performance insoles.

G8 Performance orthotics are designed to restore proper movement and strengthen all 29 of your intricate foot muscles. Our 2620 insoles (shoe inserts) and addon accessories (Metdomes™ and Heel Wedges) work together to actually resolve problems, rather than mask them.

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How Metatarsal Button Insoles (Metdomes™) work:

Our metatarsal button cycling insole inserts (Metdomes™) simply self-adhere to our 2620 insoles.

2620 insoles are excellent on their own, however, pairing the 2620's with metatarsal pads (Metdomes™) will often get better results if or when there is toe numbness and tingling present.

Metdomes™ work to gently spread the metatarsal heads causing maximum blood flow throughout the area. The result is: Pain relief and strengthening of the feet over time. This in turn leads to noticeably improved balance, agility and performance generally - and less injuries.

What to expect when ordering your Metatasal Pads - G8 Performance 2620's and Metdomes™

When you order metatarsal dome insoles (2620's and Metdomes™) from G8 Performance, you'll receive the highest quality performance orthotic products and service to match. That's our promise.

David Lee, our company founder, was a long-term sufferer of painful foot conditions. Having tried all kinds of insoles and adjustable orthotic devices, he decided there had to be a better way than temporary fixes.

David realised the only option would be to design his own product based on the biometrics of the foot. Fast forward 10 years and we have grown into the thriving company you see today, and we’re proud to be improving the lives of countless individuals all around the world.

We're so confident in our products that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This so you can go ahead and order your G8 performance orthotics - such as our 2620 insoles and Metdomes (metatarsal button insoles), experience the benefits for yourself, and be safe in the knowledge that if for any reason you weren't completely satisfied, you can request a refund without fuss.

Our 2620 insoles, also often referred to as arch support insoles are the foundation of our G8 Performance orthotic range. Our Metdomes™ and Heel Wedges simply adhere or snap into the 2620's for are completely customised orthotic solution you can administer at home, just by following our G8 Performance YouTube Videos.

g8 metdomes fitting
orthotics blood flow bundle

Our Blood Flow Bundle (pictured) includes 2620's and Metdomes™ - Metatarsal Pads.


"They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

Hi Stacey,

They're terrific.

They fixed all my problems and I'm pain free now.

I'm one of those people who needs a good amount of support so that I don't pronate (L3 arch support and #2 heel wedges).

Thanks so much!"

~ Mike

Summary of G8 Performance Benefits

Increased force transferal (more forward momentum)
Increased foot strength
Reduced torque on calf and Achilles
Increased blood flow (has cooling effect)
Reduced incidence of toe and foot numbness

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Order your G8's with complete confidence. All G8 Performance insoles and accessories purchased via our website come with a full 90 Day Warranty.

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