G8 Elite Wins WEMBO 2012

Last updated on March 27, 2024 by David Lee
Last updated on March 27, 2024 by David Lee

Current World Solo 24-hour champion and Australian elite athlete Jason English has smashed new titles at WEMBO in Finale Ligure, Italy, wearing the innovative sports technology, G8 Performance Arch Supports.

Part of the G8 Elite, a group of athletes who are already using G8s ARCHTECH™ technology to enhance their game, English has seen the direct impact of the product on his race times at the World Solo 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships.

“For the first time in my career, I experienced a total absence of the pins and needles which usually lasts for days after a race,” he said. “I had no symptoms of ‘hot foot’ for the entire 24 hours I was racing.”

Founder and CEO of G8 Performance, David Lee, says of the WEMBO victory, “I am honoured Jason trusted G8s in his shoes for this gruelling event. To get such a positive response from him is a bonus.”

With G8 Performance David Lee, an ex-US Army soldier, plans to turn the world of sports podiatry and the way all levels of sportspeople from weekend warriors to professional athletes, view feet.

Lee’s vision was born out of many hills and valleys cycled in cleats, years of hitting the slopes, miles pounded out on pavements in running shoes and great spans of continents trekked across in government-issued desert boots.

“I had terrible issues with my feet over the years and have tried just about everything on the market to fix them so they don’t let me down when I’m doing all the things I love to do,” Lee explains.

“The best part about G8’s is, not only can they help alleviate pain, injury and discomfort, they can increase performance as well.”

G8 Performance was launched in April 2012 at the Australian Health & Fitness Expo presenting a technical sports insole with a unique adjustable arch to the media and attendees.

The Arch Supports mimic the natural biomechanics of the foot providing a flexible spring that supports human movement.

The revolutionary ARCHTECH™ technology is an adjustable arch system built into every G8 Performance insole. Wearers can adjust the high and support of the arch to suit their comfort and needs.

The mechanism is then designed to flex upon impact and then spring back to its original position while supporting the wearer’s arch and gently correcting gait and protecting joints from the impact.

G8 Performance Arch Supports act as shock absorbers for the body and are an exciting development on the sports landscape.

The lightweight insoles were created to counteract the damage modern footwear causes to your feet.

The concept of the product is to close the gap between the foot and the insole of the shoe being worn.

By sealing this, G8 Arch Support prevent leaked energy, as well as reducing constant ligament and muscle strain.

Engineered to protect, prevent and enhance performance, G8 Arch Supports are set to be embraced by industry as well as sports.

The back and joint problems associated with jobs which require labour performed by standing all day are alleviated in pre-existing conditions or prevented entirely by the ARCHTECH™ system.

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