Foot Balance Insoles - G8 2620's

Do you have pain during exercise, or after spending long periods of time on your feet? It's possible you're suffering from underlying foot conditions, or flat feet. The great news is, most pain and discomfort can be eased by using foot balance insoles. Introducing G8 2620's...

Restoring Foot Balance with 2620 Insoles

Uniquiquly adjustable and fully customisable, G8 2620 insoles provide the perfect 'platform' to begin addressing biomechanical foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, toe numbness and more.

Poor foot health negatively impacts on all areas of life and well being. G8 Performance insoles have proven time-over to have an immediate positive effect on conditions that cause foot pain.

Best Foot Balance Insoles: Comfort Meets Innovation

Ultimate Arch Support

Contact with the arch of your foot encourages it to push more energy out and results in better momentum as you walk.

Our foot balance insoles (G8 2620's) do not limit the movement of your feet but promote movement that correctly balances them. As the muscles grow stronger, the need for support reduces and you can adjust the insoles accordingly.

5 Arch Heights, 11 Position Options

We understand that individuals are unique and require different levels of support so we offer customisable insoles that cater to your exact requirements. Our orthotic insoles can be adjusted to suit the level of support that you need and our heat-moldable insoles can be reshaped again and again to fit your feet perfectly.

Flexible Arch Piece

This is an essential feature of our insoles. The flexibility of the arch piece allows it to complement and support your feet as you move around, flexing under pressure and springing back when relaxed.

This contact with your arch encourages blood flow and works to strengthen the core muscles in your feet to provide long-lasting results.

Money Back Guarantee

When you make a purchase from G8 Performance, you receive a 90-day money-back guarantee.

That’s right, in the rare instance that you are not completely satisfied with your insoles, we will refund you within 90 days. A risk-free purchase!

Insoles for Foot Balance by G8 Performance

Lasting Results, Performance and Wellbeing

We aim to bring you lasting results through our uniquely customisable insoles. Gone are the days of temporary fixes that only reduce pain and discomfort when you are wearing the insoles.

Only G8 insoles work to train the relevant muscles and encourage proper foot movement to resolve your condition rather than mask it.

Real Customer Care and Support

We offer support by phone, email and via our network of professional fitters. Our team are extremely knowledgeable and have first-hand experience of the pain and discomfort you're feeling.

orthotics bundle over achievers

Our Over Achievers Bundle (pictured) includes 2620's, Heel Wedges and Metdomes™ - Metatarsal Pads.

"I've noticed the numbness, knee pain and plantar fasciitis I was experiencing has gone and I have not had any further injuries."
Maria W
Tennis player, Pickleballer
"As someone coming back from stress fractures, these (2620's) are giving me plenty of support - lots of comfort - plenty of power."
Angus Mead
Film Maker, Australia
"...a lot of the benefits of a full custom orthotic... just as effective, just as supportive - stick them in the shoes and they work!"
James Thomas
Bicycle Richmond, UK
g8 performance guarantee

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Order your G8's with complete confidence. All G8 Performance insoles and accessories purchased via our website come with a full 90 Day Warranty.

We insist on your complete satisfaction with all our G8 Performance products, service and support or your money back.

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Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options
  • Best for sport and endurance
  • Strengthen your feet, enhance performance
  • Wear all day, every day


Ultimate heat-moldable orthotic. Custom comfort
  • Best for on your feet all day
  • Cushioned heel pad, flexible forefoot
  • Wear all day, every day