Cycling Insoles with Arch Support for Enhanced Performance and Reduced Pain

G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles) marks a new direction in cycling orthotics. We’re proud to distribute our products globally - across Europe, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.

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Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options - introducing 2620's

Our feet were not designed for shoes but walking around barefoot isn’t practical. This is why you might experience pain, numbness, poor balance, decreased biomechanics and plantar fasciitis, especially as you age.

Our cycling insoles high arches (2620's) can help you address all of these issues or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our cycling insoles high arches improve your sports performance and enable you to cycle with minimum amounts of pain, by making your feet stronger and more flexible.

"I recently started a bike fitting business based in Harrogate, Yorkshire. There is no other cycling insole on the market that can provide the level of arch support and adjustability that my clients need to optimise their functionality and comfort on the bike. The quality and design of the 2620 is excellent and a product of this type is essential for me to carry out my bike fits successfully."
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Darrell Varley
Varley Cycling Limited
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90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Order your G8's with complete confidence. All G8 Performance insoles and accessories purchased via our website come with a full 90 Day Warranty.

We insist on your complete satisfaction with all our G8 Performance products, service and support or your money back.

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Fully customisable with 5 arch heights and 11 position options
  • Best for sport and endurance
  • Strengthen your feet, enhance performance
  • Wear all day, every day


Ultimate heat-moldable orthotic. Custom comfort
  • Best for on your feet all day
  • Cushioned heel pad, flexible forefoot
  • Wear all day, every day