Cycling Insoles High Arches

Cycling Insoles with Arch Support for Enhanced Performance and Reduced Pain

G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles), constitutes a new direction in orthotics. We offer the best range of innovative, adjustable shoe inserts and we’re proud to distribute our products in Australia, Europe, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Singapore. Our feet were not designed for shoes but walking around barefoot isn’t practical. This is why you might experience pain, numbness, poor balance, decreased biomechanics and plantar fasciitis, especially as you age. Our cycling insoles high arches can help you address all of these issues or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Our cycling insoles high arches improve your sports performance and enable you to cycle with minimum amounts of pain, by making your feet stronger and more flexible. Read More

Best Cycling Insoles High Arches: Where Innovation Meets Comfort

  • G8 Performance Pro Series 2620: These cycling insoles arch supports are ideal for all sports that require a closed in shoe to be worn, and are perfectly suited for cyclists. They provide arch support and are fully customisable, capable of accommodating all different arch heights and positions. They suit feet of all sizes with all levels of flexibility and strength and are adjustable for when your foot strength improves.
  • G8 Performance Custom Heel Wedges: Our heel wedges help increase the effectiveness of the 2620 insoles. These clip onto the sole and help with foot alignment and balance, making them great for people whose feet don’t follow a straight line or have rear foot misalignment. They can also be used to transition from different arch heights of the 2620.
  • G8 Performance Metdomes Metatarsal Pads: These pads are placed under the balls of the feet and are basically yoga for the feet. They reduce numbness in the toes and feet and regulate their temperature, as they increase blood flow.
  • G8 Performance Ignite: These are our other kind of custom orthotic insoles, and the Ignite are heat mouldable. They offer a high level of foot support after being heated up with a hairdryer or similar. They’re great for those with injuries, who are on their feet all day, or who have growing feet, and can be remoulded many times over without losing their functionality.

Benefits of Wearing Cycling Insoles Arch Support

Regularly wearing our orthotic insoles will help:

  • Strengthen foot muscles
  • Increase blood flow, which helps with temperature control
  • Improve biomechanics
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce pain
  • Ease symptoms of plantar fasciitis and prevent reoccurrence
  • Reduce numbness in toes and feet
  • Improve proprioception

How We’re Different

Other insoles available on the market inhibit the movement of the foot to reduce the pain, numbness or inflammation you experience. This only works to reduce the symptoms, meaning you will continue to experience problems. G8 Performance insoles do the opposite of that; they allow and encourage your feet to move naturally inside your shoe. This exercises the foot muscles and makes them stronger over time, which will relieve all of the pain and problems associated with having weak foot muscles.

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If you’re looking for cycling insoles with arch support,we recommend the Pro Series 2620. Take some time to browse all the product information we have listed and reach out to us if you have any questions.

We also supply cycling orthotics as well as orthotic heel wedges on our online store. Read Less

Do orthotics really work and why is G8 different?

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