The effects of wearing bad shoes … have you considered if or why your sports shoes are causing you foot pain?

Summer is on its way! We are coming out of the winter months and into summer now, so many people are looking to get back into shape and relinquish winter’s grasp.

Hats off to you if you have kept up the fitness regime!

To celebrate, maybe you’ve just bought a new pair of running, cycling or sports shoes for a pretty penny too. They can be expensive, right?

Interestingly, many studies have shown it doesn’t matter how expensive shoes are, a large proportion of them are still destroying your knees, ankles, legs and hips.

Wearing an incompatible running, cycling or sports shoe can create hip, knee, and back pain and can induce injuries such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. The damage these sports shoes can have you on your body can be irreparable (or repairable with a lot of physio, chiro and the like).

So what can you do?

You can be armed with information and educated on the effects of wearing bad shoes.

 Here are 5 fast facts on what can happen when you wear the wrong shoe.

  1. JARRING EFFECT: Shoes take a lot of the feeling out of running and sports, so we tend to hit the ground with our heels. This has a jarring effect on the body and also acts as a brake every time we step. Naturally, we run landing on our forefoot.
  2. NO SPRING: Shoes can inhibit the foot from acting like a spring as is its intention. What happens is that your foot gives up its intricate workings and hands it over to the shoe.Unfortunately, shoes don’t not work like a spring. It’s your foot that works like a spring to exert the most amount of force and stress.
  1. NO FEELING: When the foot is restricted in the wrong shoes, it doesn’t work properly or have the feeling that nature intended, so the brain slowly switches off the feeling that we would normally get with this movement. This is known as proprioception.

FAST FACT: Proprioception are the messages associated with the nerve endings in the foot that get sent to the brain. Over time the brain shuts these off and starts thinking that we are moving on our ankles. The foot then acts like a loose flipper or lever and the force-expelling and suspension motion of the foot does not occur.

  1. MUSCLES STOP MOVING: If the foot doesn’t move like a form of suspension, that is it doesn’t flex and splay as nature intended, this results in the muscles of the foot not being used. 

YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS: There are four main muscles in the foot covered by a fascia. If these muscles aren’t used, like any muscle they become weak. Over time, our feet collapse and start to impinge on nerve endings. This is one of the major causes of numbness or what’s known as ‘hot foot’. This also leads to the dreaded plantar fasciitis where the fascia covering these muscles gets inflamed. If untreated this is a serious condition.

  1. TIGHT FIT: Some sport shoes are designed to be tight fitting with a hard base, for example, football boots, cycling shoes and ice skates.The idea behind these designs is to provide a harder base for the foot to push on. However, these types of shoes tend to inhibit all the natural movement in the foot and therefore the foot is unable to act like the spring it is supposed to. Not only is force not being expelled effectively but the resulting restriction of the foot movement leads to other issues such as plantar fasciitis and numbness.

What you can to do next to ensure your sports shoes aren’t damaging your body?

Get the right orthotics. The G8 orthotics are one of a kind and designed to allow you to run, cycle and play sports as close to nature intended as possible. They have been designed that way.

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