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The Foot is a Microcosm

The Foot is a Microcosm (BikeFit Podcast)

Last updated on December 20, 2022 by David Lee

Podcast details:

Ep. 5 The Foot is a Microcosm with G8 Performance CEO, David Lee



In Ep. 5, I speak with CEO and founder of G8 Performance, David Lee. He is a consummate foot specialist who’s been running an orthotic insole company for 7 years. He focuses on on the foot as a microcosm of its own rather than the belief that the “foot is just a lever.”

We discuss the dangers of current footwear, how they significantly impact and injure the feet and the imperative need to promote movement and blood flow within the foot during any type of athletic activity.

The podcast:

Episode link:

Festka – https://www.festka.com
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About our guest, David Lee:

David Lee’s approach to the health of feet is simple: to reduce injury and increase athletic performance for everyone, whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who simply likes to go for a social walk or a bike ride.

David has long understood what it means to have issues with foot pain, numbness, calf cramping, and shin splints, suffering from these since he was a teenager. These issues were exacerbated for him during his time as a soldier in the US Army from 2003, where he worked and trained with US Elite Special Forces, and throughout six deployments, where the pressure and stress on his feet and legs were unparalleled.

After leaving the army and returning to Australia, David sought solutions to his foot issues, at one time importing an adjustable orthotic device from the United States. This had its limitations, so he ultimately decided to develop his own product – and from there, G8 Performance was born.

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