If you have no foot pain, you may think – no foot problems so why wear insoles? Our bodies are comprised of the same muscles, connective tissues, bones and systems and the way we move and transfer weight under force is no different. Weight bearing exercises such as running, cycling or even basketball, for example, expel force and energy through the feet.

Feet are self-levelers
They are the sensory organ at the base of a pyramid and unless they are working near to their potential, other parts of the biomechanical chain will be forced to compensate. Overtime, this may result in back, ankle and other lower limb injuries or strains. 

There are many different types of insoles, orthotics and shoe inserts out there which all serve many different purposes, however, our main purpose with G8 Performance insoles is to encourage the foot to move naturally inside the shoe.

Foot health and strength is paramount for the body to expel and move energy in the most efficient way when force is applied.

Our insoles allow the foot to flex and splay when force is applied whether it be on a bike cycling, pounding the pavement running or maneuvering the body around on a football (soccer) field. The correct motion of the foot, its health and strength are paramount for the body to move in the most efficient way

G8 Performance Insoles

No foot problems so why wear insoles? The benefits of helping the foot move naturally within the shoe include;

– increased force expulsion through the 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads (ball of foot)

– increased blood supply

– increased nerve response (proprioception)

– reduced torque on calf and Achilles

– increased biomechanical stabilization. 

– strengthening of the foot (plantar) muscles

All shoes tend to reduce the natural biomechanical movement of the foot and because of this, the foot muscles atrophy and the bones collapse onto the blood vessels.People need an orthotic or insole in their shoes to stave off muscle atrophy, ensuring the foot expels force to its’ maximum potential.

We do this by having a flexible arch piece fitted just behind the ball of the foot. Our 2620s can be adjusted as the muscles in the foot change and adapt. Just like going to the gym for other muscles, the foot needs exercising too. We also recommend stretching and strengthening the foot through a variety of non-weight bearing exercises.

If we guide our feet to move correctly within our shoes when force is applied enables us to move and perform to our fullest potential, pain and injury free for now and years to come.

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