How to cure plantar fasciitis or heel pain. Ok, first thing’s first, what is plantar fasciitis? You might know it better if we describe it for you.

Commonly it’s one of the most common causes of heel pain – it’s a real stabbing pain typically when you get up in the morning. Then the pain might subside a little to a dull ache that’s always there.

Medically, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation the tissue on the bottom of your foot.

And it can be very painful.

If you’ve had it, you’ll know. If you’re suffering from it and you have landed on this blog, now you might know what you’re dealing with.

Plantar fasciitis is very common in runners and running sports … runners who don’t have the right footwear or stride. Mine was caused by combat boots.

So what can you do about it?

 Well, I’m happy you asked because there are a few things you can do to cure plantar fasciitis and live pain-free.

Here are three exercises you can do each day to strengthen your feet and live pain free:

  1.  Foot shortening exercise

This is specifically for these muscles. Sit on a chair with your foot on the floor and then draw your toes to the heel. Your toes are relaxed and stay on the ground, and your arch will rise up slightly. Do this once a day up to 40 repetitions. It doesn’t matter how many sets it takes to get to this number.

You can see how it is done here Foot Shortening Exercises

  1.  Highlighter pick up

Pick up a highlighter with your toes. The more dexterous your feet can become the stronger and more flexible your foot muscles will be. Pick up a highlighter 20 times at least twice a day. Then once you have nailed that, graduate to a smaller highlighter or pen. Try swapping one highlighter from one foot to the other. Don’t try this as a party trick.

  1.  Massage

Foot massage helps break up scar tissue and release and relax tense foot muscles. If you don’t have someone who will do it for you, use a semi soft rubber ball to massage the sore bits out. A tennis ball is too big and a golf ball is too hard. The ideal size is around twice that of a golf ball and soft enough to get into all the hard to reach places without causing pain.

  1.  Wearing G8 Performance Orthotic Insoles

G8 Orthotic insoles passively exercise the foot with every step. The 2620’s are designed for feet in motion. The flexible arch piece flexes in response to the amount of force applied. Constant wearing of 2620’s helps strengthen foot muscles and exercise ligaments over time.

G8 Performance Ignites are our heat mouldable version. These are designed for people on their feet all day such as hospital staff, café/bar staff and people in the retail sector. The Ignites flex but not to the same extent as the 2620’s providing a more traditional form of support.

Need more information? OR just want to get the orthotics?

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