Foot numbness … do you suffer from it? Maybe it’s in your toes or maybe it’s down one side?

Did you know your feet rely on their sense of touch and feeling for many reasons? Feet help with balance. The messages the feet send to the brain can also affect how other parts of our body function (in a kinematic sense).

If you’re experiencing foot numbness … it means there’s no or diminishing sensation in your feet and therefore they can do their job properly for you.

Typically, foot numbness is temporary, but it does depend on the severity of the damage done and sometimes people don’t ever get their feeling back.

The most common cause of foot numbness is in the toes… 

Your toes will be numb when their nerve endings are compressed (or squashed) usually for ill-fitting shoes. But like all foot numbness it can also be related to an injury or poor circulation of the feet.

Foot numbness is mainly caused by… 

The bones of the foot pressing on the major veins. The reason the bones of the foot collapse is because the muscles are beginning to atrophy and lose their strength.

This is imperative to keeping the bones where they need to be.

An elderly person (generally) loses some height because as the muscles lose their strength to hold the vertebra apart the bones get closer together.

Did you know you have to strengthen your feet? 

This is similar with the feet. As we get older we just assume our feet get bigger. This does not have to be the case and can be kept at bay by strengthening the foot muscles.

How our orthotics can help you and your foot numbness 

Our range of G8 orthotic insoles encourage and help the foot to flex and splay inside the shoe – which is its natural movement.

Over time the muscles become stronger and help keep the bones where they need to be. In addition, the flexible arch piece positioned near the forefoot also helps increase blood flow by gently lifting the bones from the rear and reliving any pressure from the bones on the blood supply. 

Need more information? OR just want to get the orthotics?

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