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Cycling Insoles for Performance Enhancement and Pain Reduction

Exercising takes its toll on your feet, especially as you age. Do you wish you could cycle as painlessly as you used to, or do you want to prevent issues from arising in the future? At G8 Performance, we manufacture innovative cycling insoles to address all sorts of foot problems. Our sports insoles – The Pro Series 2620 – are the perfect cycling shoe insole and passively strengthen your foot muscles to increase performance, reduce pain, heal injuries and prevent foot problems. Read More

The Benefits of Cycling Shoe Insoles

Our feet were not meant to be wearing shoes. When they’re inside shoes, our feet are unable to perform naturally. Over time this means the muscles in our feet become weaker, and this forces the rest of the body to compensate, leading to poor biomechanics and misalignment in the body. Other problems that often arise with your feet include pain, numbness, plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the plantar fascia), and pain in the lower back and knees. However, going barefoot all day isn’t practical, and it can be especially impossible and painful on a bicycle. Wearing insoles strengthens your foot muscles, preventing and solving all of these problems. They improve biomechanics and balance, which leads to improved performance in sports, including cycling. Cycling insoles enable you to enjoy your exercising painlessly and without worrying about future problems.

The Best Cycling Shoe Insoles & Inserts

The cycling shoe insoles we recommend to cyclers are the Pro Series 2620. These high performance customisable cycling shoe inserts are fully adjustable, allowing you to adjust them and continue exercising your feet even as they become stronger. Our founder developed these cycling shoe inserts because he suffered from calf cramps and toe numbness, and he also wanted to find a way to assist the forefoot flex and disperse the maximum amount of energy at impact.

The Pro Series 2620do just that. They’re specifically designed to maximise power transfer at the point of impact and provide arch support, making them ideal for cycling. G8 Performance insoles make your feet move more, which sets them apart from other orthotic insoles. Most insoles on the market inhibit foot movement, so they cause even more foot issues. Our insoles can improve your exercise in numerous ways, by:

  • Increasing force, making you cycle faster
  • Increasing foot strength
  • Reducing calf cramps
  • Increasing blood flow, helping you cool down faster
  • Reducing toe and foot numbness
  • Reducing pressure on your lower back and hips, leading to less pain in these areas

Get Your Bicycle Shoe Insole Sizing with G8 Performance

At G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles), our insoles are customisable and will fit your foot perfectly. . We have 4 sizes to cover a broad array of shoe sizes and there’s a sizing guide on our website to help you make the right measurements. We also offer a fitting service that’s available in person through our worldwide network of professional fitters.. Once your insoles arrive, check out our online guides on how to insert the soles into your shoes for maximum comfort and benefits. If you want to take your cycling performance to the next level, treat yourself to some G8 Performance cycling shoe inserts. They’re available for purchase through our website or via our authorised fitters.

We also supply cycling insoles with arch support for cycling orthotics. Read Less

How G8 Insoles Can Benefit Your Cycling

  • Increased force transferal (do I hear faster?)
  • Increased foot strength.
  • Reduced torque on calf and Achilles (yeah the calf cramps!)
  • Increased blood flow (helps with cooling)
  • Reduced incidents of foot and toe numbness
  • Reduced torque on hips and lower back.
The foot is not just a lever. Repeat after me. The foot is not just a lever. It is so much more than that if it can move naturally inside the shoe.

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