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How Can Custom Cycling Footbeds Improve Performance?

If you want enhanced performance on the bike, then you should consider whether custom cycling footbeds could make a difference for you.

Here at G8 Performance (leading supplier of performance insoles), we specialise in innovative orthotic insoles to improve performance and reduce injury, creating a new perspective on the importance of foot health in sport and everyday life. From personal experience, our founder, David Lee, knows first-hand how foot problems can have an impact on every facet of life – not just in sports performance. The lack of personalised solutions that are available to the public without referrals has meant that people just like you are unable to access the foot support that a well-designed, bespoke orthotic insole can provide by reducing pain and improving performance. Read More

There are a few reasons why you might want to try custom cycling footbeds – even if pain is not a motivator for you.

How Does a Custom Cycling Footbed Work?

Custom cycling footbeds from G8 Performance can improve your foot health in several ways – not least through the amount of support that is given for the whole foot throughout the range of motion for walking, running, or cycling.

With forefoot support, the natural flexion of the front of the foot is assisted to move well while dispersing the maximum amount of energy at impact. Forefoot support helps the foot to stretch and strengthen to maintain foot bone structure and make the whole foot stronger.

Through the entire movement of the foot, all-over foot support provides help where it is most needed – including the front third. This is the area with the highest concentration of blood flow and nerve endings, so constant contact here not only increases blood flow but also engages the brain’s ability to adapt to produce more energy in the movement. This leads to more forward momentum in the stride and more power to the pedal while cycling.

Alongside the foot support is the flexible arch support. Designed to flex under load and support through the entire range of motion, arch support in the right place can help to strengthen the underside of the foot (known as the plantar) while improving the symptoms of collapsed metatarsal bones which is the most common cause of burning or numbness.

For those who have toes that are overcrowded, the built-in metatarsal pad combines with the arch support to gently lift and spread metatarsal heads for increased mobility and blood flow.

Whether you are suffering with severe foot pain, or you want to give your feet the right support to be able to produce more power on the bike, consider the adjustable cycling footbeds from G8 Performance.

Personalised Adjustable Cycling Footbeds.

Whether you choose the G8 Performance Pro Series 2620 that has been designed specifically to direct power transfer at the point of impact, or you’d prefer the simple yet effective heat moulded Ignite Insole that can be easily personalised using a hairdryer, custom cycling footbeds could be the secret weapon for more power that you are looking for.

We also supply cycling insoles as well as orthotic heel wedges on our online store. Read Less

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